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An Ally in Rare

#RareAlly embodies who Taysha is at its core. It is our way of recognizing the individuals and groups who inspire us – each and every day. Our collective experiences and connections with patients, caregivers, advocacy leaders, researchers, physicians and our many other partners fuel our work. Together, we can accomplish what hasn’t been done before. We lean on each other to reach new heights and make our mission a reality.

Taysha’s Connection

Ally – it’s in our name. When translated, Taysha means “friend” or “ally,” and it represents our commitment to those we work with and to the patients we work for. We remain steadfast in our promise to the rare disease community by not only listening to patients and caregivers, but by fostering deep-rooted understanding of the entire patient journey. Our team is guided by principles of collaboration, transparency, curiosity, empathy and respect as we carry out our mission of being an ally to all of those in rare disease.

The strength of this bond with our allies will enable us to succeed.

Together as One

For Rare Disease Day and beyond, we commit to respecting, honoring and recognizing those who inspire us every day, who challenge us to give and be our best, and who we lean on for support. Together, let’s uplift those allies around us in rare disease.

We encourage you to spread awareness by highlighting in your own way what has inspired you to be a #RareAlly, whether it’s the work you’re doing to make a difference in rare disease, someone you work with, even a family or friend – let your allies know how they’ve inspired you. Share your #RareAlly stories on social media to continue the momentum in your own communities!