Patients & Caregivers

We strive to be allies to our partners in the disease advocacy community and the patient, their families and caregivers.

For patients with devastating monogenic diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), we are relentlessly focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel gene therapies.

Our Promise to Patients

At Taysha Gene Therapies, the patient is at the center of our work.

The patient, their family, caregivers and the communities we serve are the foundation for everything we do from preclinical drug development through commercialization of new treatments. We remain steadfast in our commitment to understanding the unique challenges faced by the communities we serve, keeping those stakeholders’ best interests at heart as we seek to deliver impactful and life-changing therapies for monogenic CNS diseases. Our organizational decisions and activities are guided by the following principles:

Our Patient Guiding Principles


Founded on the basis of collaboration, we are focused on coordination with patients, caregivers, advocacy partners, clinicians and government stakeholders.


We are true partners to our stakeholders by providing proactive communication that is timely and informative.


By investing a deep-rooted understanding of the entire patient journey and disease pathway, we’re able to develop the best solutions for the patient community.


Patients and families matter most. We’re fully committed to providing compassion, empathy and care beyond the product itself.


Taysha honors the privacy of patients and families by strictly adhering to policies that protect their personal and medical information.


Our gene therapies, currently in development, include treatments for genetically driven disorders of the central nervous system, which are rare. Below are resources on gene therapy and rare diseases.


Compassionate Use

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